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Now you can compose a message that will be crafted onto an aluminum alloy plate, loaded in a spacecraft designed and assembled by QOSMOSYS, and launched into space by a rocket like a SpaceX Falcon 9.

The Genesis of QONN8Q


Steps to get your message to space

Book A Qosmosign


Click on "Book your QosmoSign" now and write a message (you can edit it anytime). Your personalised plate to space is called a QosmoSign. 

QosmoSigns are limited, so remember to book them before they run out.

Finesse and validate your qosmosign


Edit your message on your QosmoSign even after purchase, and validate it when you are 100% happy! So go ahead, make a statement, write a love message to your loved ones, celebrate a milestone, a note to your future self, the sky is the limit!

Get Ready for Blast Off


All QosmoSigns are transported to Cape Canaveral in Florida in our custom-built Zeus spacecraft to be loaded in a SpaceX rocket for the blast off! Join in the excitement with the exclusive watch party to see your QosmoSigns lift off.


Treasure the experience with an elegant QosmoSign replica

You will also receive a replica of your QosmoSign in an elegant commemorative pack. A perfect keepsake or present for the special occasion or someone.

Celebrate life, your loved ones, and special occasions with a QosmoSign.

Let us answer your questions.

What is QONN8Q?

QONN8Q(pronounced “CONNECT”) is a first-of-its kind line of consumer services connecting people to outer space. With QONN8Q, every customer (a “Qosmonaut”) in QONN8Q’s community (the “QosmoSpace”) can send, receive, exchange information using space as a proxy. Therefore, QONN8Q is an infinite source of fun, education, gaming, and binds between the QosmoSpace, or simply a reserved space for the self, creating our own, personalized view of what’s above us.

How do you send my QosmoSign into outer space?

Each QosmoSign you purchase will be processed by our team and encapsulated into a Zeus spacecraft in the form of an engraved plate of special metal alloy then encapsulated into a bespoke time capsule. These pieces of hardware, packed with proprietary high-tech innovations never seen before, are manufactured by Qosmosys (linked to Qosmosys website)  with its team of seasoned engineers in Singapore.

Once the engineering declares all is good to go, your QosmoSign is launched using a commercial rocket, like Falcon 9 from SpaceX.

When is my QosmoSign launched into orbit?

Your QosmoSign is always launched onto the next available Zeus spacecraft, as scheduled by Qosmosys. It's in our best interest to launch your QosmoSign as soon as possible, however you must know that for various engineering reasons not always under our direct control, time to that launch can vary from six months to eighteen months. To keep the excitement intact until the launch of your QosmoSign, QONN8Q provides a continuous flow of information so you can track the fabrication of your QosmoSign, its encapsulation into the spacecraft and the launch itself.

When will I get my QosmoSign replica?

We manufacture all QosmoSign replicas per batch, depending on our market demand. Physical delivery to your place could be as short as four to eight weeks.

How and when can I access QosmoSpace?

You can basically access QosmoSpace just after your first purchase. QosmoSpace is your personal space. It will progressively develop overtime, and progressively offer all functionalities which will not only allow you to interact between other Qosmonauts, keep contact with Zeus spacecraft in orbit via a dashboard, receive messages from our spacecraft operation center but also manage your own data and QosmoSigns.

Can I change my personalized QosmoSign message after my purchase?

Yes, you have unlimited time available to change your message. Once you submit your design, modification will no longer be possible and your QosmoSign will be processed and launched on the next available rocket.

Does QONN8Q contributes to create space junk?

The answer is clearly no. We respect all international guidance regarding management of potential junk in space. Zeus spacecraft has an onboard smart system that can control the spacecraft so it cannot become a junk object in space, but remains active and controlled from the ground station, whether the spacecraft orbits around the Earth or the Moon.

Do Zeus Spacecraft be subject to collisions once in orbit?

All Zeus spacecraft sit on a circular orbit at 538km above the Earth or the Moon respectively. These altitudes have been determined to make sure that it won’t hazard any other object in space and conversely, making sure our service to you remains safe. Calculation established by ShareMySpace, an expert in space object management, has established a probability of collision of our spacecraft as low as 0.00351 after 25 years orbiting the Earth. Around the Moon, the probability of collision is nearing zero and represents no threat to any objects in lunar transit.

Am I limited in the number of QosmoSigns I can purchase?

No, there are no limited numbers of QosmoSigns to buy. You can of course buy your personal QosmoSign for the celebration of yourself, but also offering QosmoSigns as gifts or pooling purchases, exchange or trade new QosmoSigns with friends, foes, fools and family!

What kind of message can I compose?

Sky is the limit! Be inspired by your amazing self as an individual, but also by love and good memories you want to convey around you, it could be your partner, parents, kids, or humanity as a whole! It’s a space of freedom where you can express yourself as long as you remain compliant with our code of conduct, and we encourage everyone to stay away from vulgarities, political, religiously sensitive words.

What can I do with my QosmoSign once it is purchased?

Above all, your QosmoSign is made to remain in outer space, protected in its time capsule, 

and the contact between your QosmoSign and you will remain while it orbits at incredible speed and altitude. You can expect to receive messages from our space center,  your QosmoSign sending you hellos from the sky when traveling above your head, or reminders not to forget your special occasions, along with so many other digital services! You can also trade or exchange your QosmoSigns, whether in digital forms or your physical replica via your QosmoSpace, turning your QosmoSign into gaming or fun applications with virtually anybody. It’s an amazing way to meet and greet and make new friends.

Do I buy my QosmoSign now or is it preferable to wait?

We recommend you purchase your first QosmoSign as soon as possible in order to make sure you’ll have a spot available onboard our next available spacecraft to be launched in orbit. Launch dates are fixed and do not depend on the number of QosmoSigns to be launched. QONN8Q’s best interest is not to disappoint our customers with launch scheduling. Our maiden flight’s expected launch date is June 1st, 2022 and should be sold out quickly and any late purchase will push back customer’s on the following flight, scheduled on October 1st, 2022. Moreover, our growing demand may also oblige us to manage the pricing accordingly to ensure you get the best experience and service.

How long do the Zeus spacecraft remain in-orbit?

QONN8Quses exclusively the Zeus spacecraft from Qosmosys. These spacecraft are specifically made to serve you best for QosmoSigns.

Around the Earth, our Zeus spacecraft could orbit hundreds of years but in order to respect the world community, we follow the international guidance (IADC-02-01 Rev.2 prepared by all major space agencies in the world) that invites Qosmosys not to keep its spacecraft more than 25 years operating in-orbit.

Around the moon, there is no time limit and we make sure any Zeus spacecraft constitutes a threat or a burden to any other object orbiting or transiting our natural satellite.

What happens to my QosmoSign in case of a rocket launch failure?

Rocket launch is the riskiest moment for any spacecraft in its long journey. In case your QosmoSign cannot be placed properly in orbit by the rocket, no problem, we will replace your QosmoSign free-of-charge by a new one and launch it on the next available flight, so your wish will be accomplished.